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Garden Birds      

More garden birds again all photographed in our back garden. On this page: Nuthatch, Pied Wagtail, Ring-necked (or Rose-ringed) Parakeet, Peregrine, Pheasant, Wood Pigeon, Red Kite, Redpoll, Redwing, Robin and Siskin photos.

All of the thumbnails below expand to 1280 x 960.                                                         Creative Commons Licence

Well, a Red Kite isn't what you'd normally call a garden bird - and this one wasn't actually in the garden, but overflying at a reasonable height. There isn't a lot of detail in the photos, just enough to recognise it for what it is

Nuthatch    Nuthatch    Nuthatch    Nuthatch    Nuthatch

Pied Wagtail    Pied Wagtail    Pied Wagtail    Pied Wagtail    Pied Wagtail
Pied Wagtail - more here

Ring-necked Parakeet    Ring-necked Parakeet    Ring-necked Parakeet    Yellow Ring-necked Parakeet    Ring-necked Parakeet
Ring-necked Parakeet - more Ring-necked Parakeet photos including a video

Peregrine    Peregrine    Peregrine    Peregrine    Peregrine

Pheasant    Pheasant    Pheasant    Pheasant    Pheasant

Wood Pigeon    Wood Pigeon    Wood Pigeon    Wood Pigeon    Wood Pigeon
Wood Pigeon

Red Kite    Red Kite    Red Kite    Red Kite    Red Kite
Red Kite

Redpoll    Redpoll    Redpoll    Redpoll    Redpoll
Redpoll - more Redpoll photos

Redwing    Redwing    Redwing    Redwing    Redwing
Redwing - more Redwing photos and a video

Robin    Robin    Robin    Robin    Robin
Robin - more Robin photos

Siskin    Siskin    Siskin    Siskin    Siskin

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